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Introducing a safer prescription medication package.

MediBubble® is a new medication package that helps you safely manage what prescription medications you take and when you take them.

Available only to Louis & Clark, MediBubble® is a unique prescription medication package. It gives a patient greater safety, convenience and peace of mind. Each plastic blister (or bubble) contains all of your medications for that time of day. We’ve reduced the confusion when taking multiple medications.

Is MediBubble® easy to use?

Yes, very easy. On the back of the medication sheet, you’ll see each day’s medications listed. They’re color coded for the specific time of day.  Simply peel back the paper liner for that individual bubble.

Each bubble is perforated, so if you travel, you can safely take only that day’s medications with you. Since it’s sealed, your pills are protected from dirt, moisture, and germs (unlike constantly handling your pills from a prescription vial). If you’ve ever spilled a bottle of pills, you’ll  appreciate the convenience of MediBubble.®

Is MediBubble® for everyone?

Most patients will benefit from this medication management system. It’s widely used by assisted living facilities, independent congregate housing and other similar residences. It’s also now available for individuals. As with all our prescriptions, we help you manage your refills, so you’ll always have the medications you need. And of course, we deliver.

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