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What a pharmacist should do

Why lick, stick & pour is a bad idea.

InsanityUsing the same method to accomplish a task over and over, but expecting different results.

In the pharmacy industry this is called lick, stick, and pour. In other words, put a label on a bottle, pour some pills into that bottle, put a cap on the bottle, and repeat over and over again.

This is a model the big chains, mail order, and most other pharmacies have employed for years. It’s easy, repetitive, and less costly.

The industry also realizes that prescription non-compliance is a big problem in this country. In other words, failure to take the right amount, of the right medication, at the right time.

Yet, pharmacists continue to fill prescriptions much the same way they have for over a century!

Patients then often fail to take the right amount of the right medicine at the right time.

Sounds like the definition of insanity.

Ask yourself, is this the way you or someone you care for orders, receives and takes medications?

If you or someone you care for takes more than one medication, ask yourself…
Do you receive bottles of medications, multiple times per month and then coordinate, separate, and fill cumbersome pillboxes by hand for you or someone you care for?
Or do you just put all the prescription bottles in one place and hope for the best?

What if your pharmacist synchronized all your medications so that are all ready at the same time in one easy to use medication package?

I believe, synchronization and compliance packaging are the pharmacist’s responsibility.

According to the pharmacist’s code of ethics, “Pharmacists are health professionals who assist individuals in making the best use of medications.” I’d say they are not living up to this code if they don’t offer to fill a patient’s medications at one time and offer packaging that suits the individual.

Not only is this convenient for you or someone you care for, it also promotes safety and peace of mind.

If you’d like to stop this circle of insanity, call us and ask about our MediBubble packaging. Medibubble is a new medication package that helps you manage what prescriptions you take and when you take them. We’ve removed the confusion over what, when, and how many pills to take.