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Helping customers with innovative solutions

At Louis & Clark, we hold regular meetings to develop new ideas. Or to improve the way we implement existing programs. We cherish feedback, input, questions, compliments and even complaints. Because they all help us to do a better job.

Over the years, we have carved out a market niche with institutions, schools, assisted living facilities, group homes, independent congregate housing and other similar residences. We understand their needs, we understand the boundaries and we understand how to maximize our value for their endeavors.

Our flagship product is MediBubble®, a unique prescription medication package. Over the years, our customers have spoken highly of our products and services.  

For example, Stacey Crerar, Executive Director of Landmark at Monastery Heights Assisted Living, told us, “We have been partnering with Louis & Clark for medication management for over 10 years! They are wonderful at putting together systems that work for us. They are friendly, helpful, and always able to answer questions and resolve any issues. I recommend them to all our residents and their families!”

Karen Walters-Zucco, Executive Director of The Arbors at Amherst, said, “Louis and Clark’s blister packs are very easy to read and work with. We now worry less about medication errors, and our staff can do their jobs better. We truly believe that they have improved the quality of our residents’ lives.”

And Mary Marrin at the Sisters of St. Joseph in Holyoke said, “I love the medication packs! They are very convenient and do the thinking for me. I don’t have to worry about calling doctors or driving to the pharmacy. The staff at Louis & Clark is always right on top of things and provide outstanding customer service.”

To us, their praise means everything. As a pharmacy and medical goods provider, we are in the helping business. Whenever someone asks us to help them solve a problem, we jump at the opportunity. And when we can help people live more independently, well that just makes our day.

We take nothing for granted. We know that we must provide a high level of service to keep the business we have, as well as expand our reputation to attract new business. We cultivate relationships with hospitals, physicians, nurses, social workers, discharge planners and all medical providers, as their trust and referrals validate what our business is trying to accomplish.

If you have a need for something we offer, or you have an idea for something we could offer, by all means, please call (413) 206-1172 or send us an email. We'd be happy to come by and meet with you.