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Since 1965, Louis & Clark has been an icon in our neighborhoods. Throughout Western Massachusetts, we provide prescriptions for individuals and institutions. We help those who need home medical equipment and supplies. We explain what your doctor has ordered for you, we explain how to use it and we make sure you have it on time. When possible and practical, we try and help patients maintain their independence and quality of life. Because we see our customers as our friends.

There really was a Louis and a Clark. Louis retired and now Clark and his son Skip run things (we kept the old name, Skip & Clark wasn't as catchy). We're a family owned business that treats their employees like family... who in turn, treat our customers like old friends. These days, in the shadow of mega-chain drugstores, it can be challenging to remain independent. But we truly believe in our community-based pharmacies and our friend-based customer service.

As modern health care grows more complex, and more impersonal, we strive to preserve our strongest assets. Like the friendly smile. A sympathetic ear. Or a helping hand. 

Louis & Clark. Helping you take care of yourself.