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DSC 0336 sizedfeatherGet equipped for independent living

You intend to stay in your home for the rest of your life, right? Sometimes a medical issue can put that in jeopardy. Your physician may require you to use a medical device or piece of equipment, anything from a wheelchair to a walker, from a catheter to compression socks, to sustain your health and your quality of life.

Sometimes this equipment can be complicated and threaten your independence. How do I use it? How do I get my supplies on a regular basis? Is there something that can make this easier? Louis & Clark can help. We're experts in home medical supplies and equipment (sometimes this is also referred to as Durable Medical Equipment or Goods). We can augment your physician's directives with thorough explanations and helpful suggestions. Of course, we're not clinicians and we don't provide medical advice. Think of us as that good friend who knows "things."  Things that can make your daily life easier, things that can put your mind at ease. Things that answer questions, help you prevent accidents, and help you achieve the independence you want.

Every patient's situation is unique. Nowadays, there's a small army of medical professionals that can help you. From the hospital, the doctor's office or your insurance company. Yet we still meet people who have questions. Probably all those professionals are often too busy. We're not. Tell us what you’re having trouble with. Chances are we might have a solution. Or we'll know someone who does.

We think prevention too. A grab bar can stop a fall, so can a no-skid bath mat. Proper wound care can prevent an infection. We can make sure your scheduled medical supplies are delivered on time so there isn't a lapse in your care. We can help you manage your condition and minimize the chance of any future events.

Make the most of your insurance. You should get all the help you’re entitled to. Why pay extra for the health aids that make life easier? We know what Medicare and supplemental plans cover and what they don’t. It seems like insurance changes daily, we make it our business to stay current with the new health care frontier.

Don't let a medical condition take away your independence.